Tuesday, November 13, 2012

Journalism Day 2012 !

At the date of the vast and beautiful structured 10.11.12 is the date of the saint for the day Journalism Day. Journalism's last day at Camp Isi Rimba, Kemensah, Selangorr. 

More than 60 students participated in this event. Apart from the students there is also the head of Journalism course, Mr. Razlan Rashid, Mr. Ismail, Mr. Shahid, and Ms. Azura and join this event. This ceremony lasted for two days, on the first day are not so many activities carried out because the weather does not permit. On the first day participants forest activities such as searching for worms, leaves from the rubber tree, history Kemensah and fishing camps. At night they serve the food at the BBQ was prepared by the camp. Even at night the weather had turned into heavy rain and strong wind does not discourage these students but they continue to enthusiastically continue the next activity. 

Next on the second day was the last day for them, the highlight of the event was more anticipated is Paint ball  Where the game is played like the situation in the war right. With a collection of weapons and ammunition round containing the colours for the shoot at the enemy. The game is divided into 8 groups. each have a group of 5 people, mixed male and female. This game is very simple because it only need to defeat all the enemies as long as the enemy is still alive as long as that's the game progresses.

After completion of paintball events, then it is time for the service of consolation to the dean of the faculty. Before that, the dean telam give a few words about this event and he was very satisfied and happy to see that all students are able to such disclosures but he was very proud that all can work together in a team to solve problems and accidents in the face during the ceremony. Graduation ceremony and all dispersed in at 3 pm and the respective start neat stuff and go home. With an event like this can foster an atmosphere of people and nature. Moreover, with this we can know each other more familiar. The purpose of this event is created. Hope for the next event will be more people will join this event and the next proposal will likely be made on the island. They also hope that the students, lecturers and faculty assistants will be more familiar like family because we are all of a single faculty. Not necessarily a journalism course this is just to write and give the news to the public soon. Many bad thought to parties such as this because they always bring news that should not be. By having these events is hope to change the view of others and accept it as a good thing and good for society or the rest of the world too. Trademark for this event is A TEAM ABOVE ALL, ABOVE ALL A TEAM. Happy Journalism Day 2012 for all !