Sunday, April 21, 2013

Why I do that?

What I do that? Do you ask or wonder or even not? 
In this world, we live at one country, small state and specific place. 
Every time we do, every time we go, every time we say, there must be someone else know even we know about them or even know it. 
World is sphere. Small like a peanut. 
No wonder the news what we do can spread easily and quick even we doesn't know how fast it is. 
Right now, I've do my right where is I've been deleted friend those who are not "right" for me.
Why I do this? 
This is because I'm tired to face the same shit that you do you give and you make to me. 
For the rest I've been helping, teach or give to you. Take it as a gift from. Use it wisely and don't misuse it. 
For those people who give me a great damn shit, listen here.
I wont forgive you until the rest of my life unless you came out to me and seek the forgiveness.
For the who people I've been love before, now you can make a new life. 
I took this decision because I don't want you get hurt any more. 
We are not suitable right now. There a lot thing that we should learn. I admit my mistake that give promise to you and now I cant do that. So before it gonna be a long time for our relation better I make a move. I hope you will understand. I very sure that you will. Outside there you can learn what people do what people say what people mean around you, and you will understand what I mean soon.
Right now you still blur and confuse. Dont know what to do and think for the right thing. There a lot of choice. So learn about people behaviour and learn more about to understand people thinking. That keep you to be more better person in your life. 
Right now, I will follow my life journey back where I have wish that I want my life full fill with adventures and awesomeness people and great activity !
I love Journalism right now. 
For who those people that dont even know what we do what we feel. You can say what you want you can create story to people and say bla bla bla. Because I dont care. I believe there will HAVE someone that unsatisfied with our glory, with my happiness right now. You want look me down on ground right?
I bet to you, you wont see it. 
I cant describe what I feel right now about journalism mate here. It was awesome and totally different with kpmb. Totally different !
So now, I wish goodluck to everyone that who know me or doesn't know me even little thing. 
Here we go Jimie life journey ! 
Keep rocking people !  

Saturday, April 20, 2013

Journalism Gathering !

Check check check this out guys ! 
Today we have great best awesome fantastic moment ever !
Before this, during last semester we have Journalism Day and now we have plan some simple gathering at Padang MBSA. 
Activity just simple and nothing much fun. 
BUT ! What we do tonight is was fun when all mate and our hop sir Razlan do rocking all the time during the event ! 
All of you can check all the awesome picture at Journalism group. 
I dont care what people say about us, but this is how we do it. We are fantastic awesome unite all the time anywhere any moment ! 
This is what i looking for my journey life. Best moment ever. No fighting no bad feeling. 
A Team Above All. Above All Team !
Happy Journalism Gathering ! 

P/S: Here some picture can describe what I feel right now ! xD

I love you guys ! ^__^

Wednesday, April 17, 2013

Idiot me?

How could this happen? Really can't believe it happen on me. Idiot me idiot me. 
How can the young can cheat me just like that? So trickyyyy.
I never thought that even guts say there something fishy toward her. 
Well, Lucky me when the truth is appear fast than i expect it. 
Now, already leave from student Kpmb. For me there nothing left for me there. 
I dont want to connected with anyone who in Kpmb except for my batch. I guess. 
Other than that, we are just stranger okay? :)
What I give the most to you take it as gift from me. So do I. 
Now life make a new chapter. When another diamond have been gone. Actually, I never thought to leave you but in fact. We are not suitable for each other. So before its to late better end up it quickly. Dont understand? Is okay then. Someday you will understand. Im not going to tell you to understand me. But the situation is like here right now. Everything is complicated everything give their shit and everything make their way. So do I. Take care then pal ! :)