Wednesday, August 14, 2013

It's happen again.

Just found another light for life. Quite good. Acceptable for self.
Not demand. not too pretty not to cute but for me too shine shine shine my way ! haha
and suddenly like usual and normal and perfect time. Shit is coming. It come with a lot. They bring their whole family I think. to let me met all of them. But Ive question. Why they come for this time? why always for the right time? why always for the happy moment? why? 
Long time ago ive said that I feel like want to scream out on the top of fountain. But today I feel like want built my own world and planet with my own people and life. All just for me. Can I? Of course I can't ! 
but ...... hahaha that's all I can say right now. for this moment. 
Why they can't let me feel a little a bit joy in this world? Why they can't feel what I feel ? a bit at least. Why?
Brain keep rolling and thinking keep beating. 
Welcome to bloody world Mimi.