Thursday, May 23, 2013


I felt like all shit fall on me right now. 
I want express it out but where?
Who the person can hear my voice?
Who the person can see my eyes life?
Who the person can hold my body ?
Some people say " Cry if you want too it can easy you to express it out atleast a bit."
But for me there no more tear to out. If all part of my body can talk they will said "Dont foce me to out man. Im no robot to use" 
What for all this shit happen?
Need a time to revealed like we play treasure hunt need a clue and maps.
But I got all that thing and still confuse like has witch doomed me until the rest of my life. 
Oh that great and perfect feeling. Thanks 

Monday, May 20, 2013

Ibarat kuah tumpah ke nasi

Sedang lihat sekeliling melakukan kerja harian.
Sedang burung berkicau terbagn bebas di langit.
Ibarat air terjun mencurah dari tempat tinggi.
Ibarat semua membina kawasan perkampungannya.

Dunia ini bulat yg di penuhi air dan darat.
Negara yang di banjiri dengan selautan manusia.
Kehidupan yang di pancar dgn pelbagai ragam dan gelagat.
Perasaan yang di tambah dengan emosi dan suasana.


Di kala suka duka,
Dikala meriah dan suram.
Semua terungkai satu per satu.
Terdetik di fikiran adakah ia benar.

Air mata ingin mengalir takut untuk keluar,
Hati yang luaran keras akan tetapi mudah hancur di dalam.
Akal yang di beri mula keliru dan sentap sejenak.

Harapan yang tinggi supaya keadaan di tempat sendiri akan jadi lebih baik dari sekeliling.
Tapi bila ia akan terjadi?
Perkara sama berulang kembali. 
Yang pergi hanya jadi kenagan yang mati hanya jadi memori.
Hanya diri mampu menahan segala sanubari dengan di temani nyawa yang berdarah mengalir.

Tuesday, May 14, 2013

Why I do that?

Why I kept doing all that thing?
The reason why I keep doing that, I feel like cool and fantastic. 
Give around me happy and I dont want see any one of my surround fell empty and turn into darkness. 
If there feel that way I prefer to change with my and just let me feel it alone. 
For ever what I do, I never think to want you pay me back, just give me one big smile is enough. 
Even we know each other or not, I dont care. I dont why I care my surrounding rather than I care about my self. 
I care my family the most then follow with friends and people around me. 
Im just happy what Im doing right now. Sorry for my bad act towards you. I didn't mean too. 
Just smile when you see me. If you got problem you can share with me. Is okay.
I glad to hear it. Happy smile live people ! :)

Friday, May 10, 2013

Beat and brain

Write this new chapter with listen a song "If you could see me now - the script" 
Is not about the song. What im gonna write here is about beat and brain. 
unique combination and deep meaning for creature like me. 
The word appear suddenly at 0445 am.
I dont know why
dont ask me
Well. here about the beat. In recent days feel some no wrong about the beat. Feel not complete
When you try to gather with people with happy situation and suddenly saw a few person in cloud.
what you will do? is okay. I cant see in front and happen in my life. 
Just follow what i said. I give a hand when you needed, dont deny when you know that you need that hands too. For me, as long I got life to breath and survive in this hard world I will do what i want too. 
give who supposed to be feel it. death will come after. but when time still have for me. i will do it for surround me. Now the time getting short. Beat always create unstable inside. 
connect to brain and brain think so fast. without any thinking decision has made. and this is it. 
In relation, I think there not important for me right now. I like more to activity and big family except true family that important thing that cant deny.
If you like someone in secretly just try to close with them and dont show too desperately. It look stupid when you do that. 
Eh apa ke laut peginya ni tibe tibe cerita pasal cinta. puii
what Im gonna say here, this semester make me crazy suffer and blackout ! *not mix with PRU ok. pui
I wonder how is my next chapter? is bad or good? hm

Friday, May 3, 2013

She's the one?

She's the one? No. Maybe yes and maybe I dont know.
Missing you lil a bit right now because suddenly I remember our moment. 
Share everything, laugh, sad, hate and love. 
But, I confuse that how you can change desperately to "stranger" that I've even meet so far. 
My world gonna be complete another piece from you if you just be yourself.
Life just once. Live for it.
Why need to be materialistic, Choosy and demanding for something that people dont want see into you?
Is okay then, Im glad and praise that we've meet and know each other.
I hope you will find the way someday. 
Now, I got big journey to discover with my self. Alone no body with me.
Goodluck for your life girl.